#JS 30 Play the piano… lesson #1

I’ve challenged myself with my work buddy that in 30 days we will finish course #JavaScript30, which teaches us pure vanilla JS and css/html things. I need it  refresh my knowledge and unscramble it ;). So yesterday I took first lesson, which was creating some audio playing site while pressing some keys on keyboard.

All lessons will be available on https://github.com/rafath/js30 and code for first lesson is here: https://github.com/rafath/js30/tree/master/1

So… What I’ve learned today/yesterday:

For first time I used <audio data-key="65" src="sounds/a1.wav"></audio> to play any sound, data-key – is attribute, which is read by function, to recognize for which key play which sound… in JS, you can use querySelector(selectorName), to find any selector with any attribute – for this you can use back-ticks:   then audio[data-key="${e.keyCode}"] which will be translated to audio[data-key="65"] so JS will execute e.keyCode to its proper value.

Next thing is that you can add, remove, toggle anything to classList of any  element,  so code like this: this.classList.add('someClass) will add  ‚someClass’ to tle class attribute. Simple.

The biggest surprise come with addEventListener in lesson we used some transition do animate keypressed key… and you have event for that… transitionend so you can write:

key.addEventListener('transitionend', removeTransition) the bolded function – is without parentheses (and to thie function, we are sending event as argument:

So one more surprise is for yesterdays lesson was…

audio.currentTime = 0 – which means that sound will always play after hitting the key so you have something like this:

and audio is my audio element which I assigned here:

OK so enough for now – hopefully will learn next lesson today 😉 stay tuned Rafath ;))

Rafath Khan

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