Friday 24.11.2017

selfie with product placement… now I know why logo is here!

Im writing this at Saturday morning. Yesterday I had intensive day… like work, mosque, journey and other stuff… so I had not much time to code… however today is weekend… 😉

  1. woke up 5:00
  2. did not went to swimming pool
  3. did the exercises (plank and other standard set) – for first time 3 min record!
  4. did not worked on Inchef – selecting items to buy are consuming too much time ;/ (good excuse…)
  5. did not learn English grammar
  6. did not eat any sweets
  7. did not worked on PanShop

Ouch… 3 to 4  for redish not good…  have to improve my self today.

Rafath Khan

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